Top 10 Rules Of Travel Photography

Writing for Light Underwater definitely has it’s perks. I’ve visited and written about some amazing destinations in Spain, San Francisco and the Gold Coast

Every time I visit these destinations, I make full use of my camera! While I wouldn’t exactly class myself an expert I would say I have the expertise to take a decent shot and provide some pretty handy tips for the perfect travel snaps…..

1. Research
Perused all that you can about the place you’ll be going to, particularly neighborhood daily papers and online networking.

2. Go deep
I don’t see travel photography as exclusively an experience. Despite the fact that I get the chance to witness extraordinary things, it’s not just about streaming off to intriguing spots.


3. Be authentic and sensitive
The easiest approach to making convincing, genuine photos of individuals is by being bona fide. Making real to life pictures of people is not a trap.

4. Know your equipment
If you radiate anxiety or strain, individuals get on it and can’t unwind with the additional component of a camera.

5. Keep good notes
You think you will recall everybody you meet, however, time and age blur the memory.

6. Dress appropriately
Fit in with the scene. Downplayed is constantly best. Once more, affect the ability for the mores and standards of where you go far to being acknowledged.


7. Meet the leaders
Whether you’re in a ghetto or a city, there’s dependably a pecking order.

8. Trust your instincts
I depend on the graciousness of outsiders wherever I go. It is genuine and out there—the vast majority are flawless and kind.

9. Give back
Your subjects are giving of themselves. Try not to mishandle their endowment of sharing their lives. Try not to treat them as models. Send back a few prints, treasure the occasion, and treat them well.

10. Have fun
Yes, getting the shot is critical, however, be grateful that you have the chance to try and be the place you are. Squeeze yourself and appreciate the occasion. It unwinds everybody, and the photos and stories are better for it.

In the video below Natasha from wedding photography Cardiff provides some additional excellent tips: