Top 10 Questions To Ask When Hiring A Tree Care Service For Your Holiday Home Abroad

For tree care services one definitely needs to pick a company that guarantees quality services with skilled personnel and a properly equipped one for satisfactory results.

To precisely choose a company offering the best care services here are queries you need to get answered.

Do they have a valid insurance?

This assures you of compensation in case of damages. They will be liable and also it protects you from finding yourself on the wrong side of the law.

What is their level of expertise and what are their credentials?

Employees that are well trained with the best skills will definitely do a recommendable job with less damages.

How long have they been in the business?

You definitely want people with a couple of years’ experience in tree care.

chainsaw and cherry-picker

What equipment are they going to use?

Do not allow them to use any unnecessary and destructive tools to do the job.

How do they compare with their rival companies?

Don’t settle for sub-standard companies that lack required equipment to offer their services.

What time period do they need to complete their tasks?

Settle for those with an appropriate time estimate.

How much money do you need to fund the project?

Pick on straight forward companies that do exactly what you want with no extra charges on irrelevancies?

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Do they have protective gear and clothing?

This should be a must to prevent the employees from occupational hazards

What is their level of professionalism?

Their equipment and how they present themselves should give you the bigger picture.

Do they offer services that point at poor practice?

This is a warning sign and you should keep off.