How To Hail A Black Cab In London – Tourist Guide

Taxi rules are rigorous with regard to driver’s knowledge and passenger’s know-how on how to hail taxi cabs.

There are several ways in which pedestrians should hail at taxis in London.

One should be in a position close to the road safe enough to get the driver’s attention.


When the top light is lit, it means the cab isn’t occupied so it’s ready for passengers.

You can use a visible hand wave, an umbrella, or a hat in a courteous manner.

Another point to give a passenger high chances of catching the driver’s attention is by flashing cash or your card to show your willingness to pay.

Shouting to a taxicab is not acceptable therefore the driver won’t stop.

Once the cab stops, explain to the driver where you want to go.

Upon arrival, the fare will be calculated by an automated meter based on the day, time and distance. It’s important to note that a black cab fare to the outer areas of London for example Hither Green will be more example than a minicab Hither Green