Gold Coast Fishing Guide

Marine fish migrate, which means your timing must be impeccable if you are going to catch something of a decent size.

In this Gold Coast fishing guide we are going to review the very best skippers, spots and boats available on this stretch of water. These recommendations will ensure you are always at the right place at the right time!

So get your electric fishing reels at the ready as we are going to take you on an epic journey of fish heaven!

gold coast fishing guide

You need to try out estuaries and mangroves. People have been known to catch really huge fish in these spots when out on Gold Coast Fishing Charters

Cobia is another fish that has most people confused when it comes to getting it right. The fish is a super a super delicacy but most fishermen miss it. For one, people tend to confuse it with sharks and end up releasing it.

The next time you catch a fish and you suspect it’s a shark take a good look before you throw your luck. You might have just caught a good meal without even knowing it. Folks have caught Cobias of 50kgs and above. They are best hunted at night. This is because they tend to shy off during daytime and only venture after the sun sets. It might be scary for some but a good venture all the same.


I know you are conversant with new fishing techniques. However, when it comes to hunting seabream, your old man might have useful information. Breams are one of the easiest fish to catch because there are plenty of them in Gold Coast. Breams love gold cheese. If you are serious about catching any, please include gold cheese in your bait and you will never go wrong.