24 Hours In San Francisco

Last month we decided it was time for the team at Light Underwater to take a well deserved break.

After much deliberation we decided we would spend a few nights here and a few nights there, with the highlight being 24 hours in San Francisco.

San Francisco is a busy, vibrant and wonderful city – but can you really see all the best places in 24 hours?



The best way to begin a day in San Francisco is to wake up and make your way through the Golden Gate Bridge. Many people have their morning walk or running at this place.

According to Travelhobo the sunlight emerging through the fog are the best view to start a day.

Do not worry, if you did not have breakfast. Scientists say that a little hunger leads to your spirits rise up.



The city has a well-developed culinary culture, so after a morning walk through the Golden Gate Bridge you may go to Mission District to have some lunch. This place is best known for Latino food. Also, you may find some Mexican restaurants there. If you miss Chinese food, you may go to the China Town and enjoy your meal there.



Take a cable car to enjoy the view of the city. It’s high time to take the Powell-Hyde route. This will save your time and gives you another opportunity to have fun.

Night time

Remember, if you are going to San Fransisco, you gonna meet some weird and wonderful people late at night, we honestly tried to stay up and experience this but we had a very early interconnecting flight and decided to call it a night!